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By: Tarun Sharma

How to configure system to allow notification type change?

You can define in SPRO the ‘Allowed change of notification type’. Please follow the below path:

Maintenance and Service Processing --> Maintenance and Service Notification --> Notification Creation --> Notification types --> Allowed change of notification type

Why change data not display in order?

Please check if the check box for change documents is checked or not in Customizing

PATH:- Plant Maintenance & customer service --> Maintenance & service processing --> Maintenance & service Orders -->Functions & settings for order types --> Define Change Docs,Collective Pur.Req.Indicator,Operation No.Interval 

How overheades are calculated and from where the formula is picked?
My client has default setting of 10% overhead and now they want to change.

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service--> Maintenance and Service Processing--> Maintenance and Service Orders--> Functions and Settings for Order Types-->Costing Data for Maintenance--> and Service Orders--> Maintain Costing Sheet

Select the costing sheet that you are using and push costing sheet rows, next see the column overhead rate, select the row and push overhead rate.

How to set Warrant and Partner screen in equpimnet master data?

1. Set the Class active in the warranty category I in the img CM01

2. Plant Maintenance and Customer Service --> Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service --> Warranties --> Define Warranty Types 
Set the indicators for warranty in the notification and work order

3. Set the number range BG00 for Master Warranties

4. Create a Characteristic for the Warranty Counter T-Code CT04
Any Description
Numberic Format
Number of Characters "5"
Unit of Measure "Months"
No Exponent
Single Values

5. Use the Characteristic as a Warranty Counter T-code GM04 and make it the Default and time dependent

This will complete the warranty config.

Making (ZIP  CODE) Field Mandatory in Maintenance Order

Follow the path in config:

PLant maintenance and customer service----> Maintenance and service Processing -->Maintenance and service Orders-->Define Field Selection for Order Header Data (PM) - Then Execute 

Now Double Click on  "Field Selection for Order Header Data". 
Now Click on Influencing 
Then Double Click on Order Type. 
Enter the Order type here and Press Enter 
Now change the Tax Jurisdiction Code (CAUFVD-TXJCD) field from Input to Required.  I could not find any field called ZIP Code in standard settings.  If it is customized then it will appear here. 

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