Test Equipments Certificates For This Equipment

How do you calibrate a reference equipment --> when the test passed --> the equipment is calibrated for a certain period of time, for example = 1 year.
This information is needed to be register on the test equipment for later used.
The following steps are in accord to our business.  
It will be good as reference for your own company.
1. Create Test Equipments ( IE01)
2. Create MIC ( Master Inspection Characteristic ) : for what parameter you want to record results ( QS21 ).
3. Create a Maintenance Task List With Header.
- a. QM Data as --> 300 ( Inspection Point for a Equipment)
- b. Refer MIC ( Master Inspection Characteristic ) by Selecting Inspection Characteristic Overview
5. Create a Maintenance Plan with Test Equipment by mentioning order Type as a Calibration Order ( IP01 ).
- (Give required Plan Parameters and cycle length etc.)
6. Attach the calibration Task List created earlier.
7. Schedule PM Order ( IP10 )
8. This will create a Maintenance Order Linked with Inspection Lot.
9. Record Results and Do Valuation for the Equipment by Using QA32 .

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