The Use Of Warranty Claim

Explain the use of warranty claim? 
In our scenario, we have equipment that are under warranty from our vendor/supplier. How can I use warranty claim in this scenario?
Warranties can be of two types:
1. Customer Warranty
2. Vendor Warranty 
For these two type of warranties, we can made active and define in the transaction "GM01 & GM02".  
Number range for warranties will be done "BG00".   
For the default values, we need to maintain in GM03 and then you define the characteristic as warranty counter in "GM04".
The following steps will helps you to understand better:
Creation of warranty counter steps:
1. Create the warranty counter as a characteristic in the Classification System.
To do this, choose Logistics -> Central functions -> Classification -> Characteristic -> Create
2. Enter the name of the characteristic and choose Create.
The screen Create Characteristic is displayed.
3. Enter a short text for the characteristic in the block Basic data.
In the block Formatting, enter a numeric data type.
4. Choose Continue.
5. Enter the number of characters, decimal places and the unit of measure for the warranty counter (for example, the unit Year for the characteristic Warranty period).
6. Save the characteristic.
7. Define the warranty counter in Customizing.
Plant Maintenance and Customer Service -> Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service -> Basic Settings -> Warranties ->Define warranty counter.

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