What Is Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance helps your company to maintain the high availability of your technical systems, for example, production plants, in the long term.
The preventive maintenance component allow your company to:
- store tasks to be carried out, in the form of maintenance task lists
- establish the extent of preventive maintenance and inspection tasks and when they should be carried out at pieces of equipment and functional locations
- establish the frequency of recurring maintenance and service tasks, either:
-- time- or counter-based
-- time- and counter-based
- establish the cost-based assignment of preventive and inspection tasks from the start
- establish a cost preview of preventive maintenance and inspection tasks to be performed in the future.
Preventive Maintenance further categories into Maintenance Planning and Work Scheduling
Maintenance Planning
You can use maintenance plans to describe dates and the extent of preventive and inspection maintenance tasks which can be planned for technical objects. You can make sure that your technical objects are always maintained on time and in this way, ensure that they function optimally.
You can carry out preventive maintenance according to different criteria:
  • time-based, for example, at certain time intervals, such as every two months or once a year.
  • performance-based, for example, based on counter readings that are given for a technical object, such as every 10,000 km or every 500 operating hours.
With performance-based preventive maintenance, you also have the option of being able to combine counters for pieces of equipment or functional locations with different dimensions and time-dependent cycles and in this way you are able to carry out preventive maintenance every 100 tons produced or every two weeks.
Work Scheduling
Task Lists
Maintenance task lists describe a sequence of individual maintenance activities which must be repeatedly carried out in a company and also include the resources required to do so. They are used to standardize recurring work procedures so that they can be planned more effectively and to save time when creating maintenance orders and preventive maintenance plans.
The following maintenance task list types are available in Plant Maintenance:
- Maintenance task lists for pieces of equipment
- Maintenance task lists for functional locations
- General maintenance task lists, independent of objects

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