What is User Status in an Order and What is it Use For

There are two statuses available for Orders in SAP. One is system controlled called as 'System status'.  This is changed automatically by system depending upon the transactions you do.
'User status' is set by the user in config. settings. This is either 'numbered' or 'non-numbered'. Numbered user statuses are used when you want only one status should be displayed according to the numbers assigned.
The combination of System status and user status are used to control different business transactions like order release, confirmation, TECO etc.

User status is the status for orders or notifications which can be set/reset by user. It is same as system status. But in case of system status the system generate the status.  User cannot do anything to stop or to change the system status. As when you release the order the system status will automatically be set to REL. So to get extra check or authorization user status can be used.  Under user status you define the status profile. Under this status profile you define your user status. This user status is then assigned to order type. 

So say for example, you assigned one status profile to a order type and in that profile one user status is approved and it has the initial value. And you created one order and you want to release it. Then the system will throw error that the user status is not approved. So an extra check is provided in the system, You put the user status to approved . only after that you are able to release the order.

Real case e.g.:

What customizing to be done so that whenever any user create notification or order on a equipment assigned with user status (like sent for repair).  The system should throw error message that this equipment is sent for repair.

In user status if you set "PM Processing Data" - forbidden & Set this Status in Equipment , It will not allow you to create Order or Notification , Check it once
You can config. this User Status once:

Go to spro-PMCS - Master data in PMCS - Basic settings - User Status, Click on New Create a User status, In User Status Create Two status One with Equipment sent to repair, for this Status if click binocular button, it will list all business trans, in that for "PM processing data" Click forbidden. 

In Equipment input this Status & Set it whenever you send it outside, then check it will not allow you to create Order or Notification.

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