Control the SAP PM Order Type

Suppose you want to control the PM order types PM02 (preventive maintenance) to come only  from the Preventive maintenance plans.

Also, you would like to control the creation of this type of orders via the orders creation option (transaction IW31).

Well, you can create two order types for preventive maintenance. 

The first is used for orders that will be performed by internal personnel. 

The second is for orders that will be performed by outside contractors (external).

You can then configured them so that internal orders are automatically released when the maintenance plan is called. 

The external orders are configured so that they are created but not released when the plan is called. The planner then makes arrangements for the work to be done then he releases the order.

Order types in PM

Where can I define functions and settings for each order type? or at least look at the notification type for each order type. 

SPRO --> PM CS --> Maintenance and Service Processing --> Maintenance and Service notifications --> Notification Creation --> Notification Types --> Assign Notification types to Order types.

Tcode: OMI3

This transaction is not in the S000 menu.   This is a customizing transaction .... in the IMG menu. 

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