Bill Of Materials Self-Review Multiple Choice Questions Answers #2

1) Creating New Items, you can perform the following functions:
A. Entering Material Items
B. Entering Document Items
C. Entering Class Items
D. Entering Text Items
2) When you create a BOM, you can also use the following functions:
A. Allocating a Component to an Operation
B. Classifying an Item
C. Maintaining Header Data
D. Defining the Technical Type
3) You can classify any material item that has a material master. In the standard R/3 System, the following material items have a material master record:
A. Stock item
B. Non-stock item with a material master
C. Variable-size item
D. PM structure element
E. Intra material

4) To display the BOM with all the data you require, you need to establish the following:
A. Do you want to display a specific alternative of a multiple BOM or a specific
variant of a variant BOM, or the entire BOM group?
B. Which validity period do you want to use for displaying the BOM?
C. Which required quantity to you wants the component quantities to refer to?
5) On the initial screen, you can use the following four fields to define the validity period:
A. Change number
B. Valid-to date
C. Valid-from date
D. Revision level
6) You can display the material master record of a material component from all item overviews:
A. Material item overview
B. Document item overview
C. Class item overview
D. General item overview
7) The following display functions for bills of material are also available:
A. Displaying Discontinuation Data
B. Displaying Allocations to Operations
C. Displaying Classification Data
D. Displaying Revision Levels
8) Before you change a BOM, you should consider the following questions:
A. Does the change need to be documented for future reference?
B. Is there a history requirement for the BOM?
C. Do you need to create a change master record?
D. Is the valid-from date of the change number in a protected time period?
E. Which change number do you want to use for the change?
9) You cannot change the following data on the item overviews for materials, documents, and classes:
A. Validity data for an item
B. Item category
C. Component description

10) You can go to the BOM header from various screens:
A. Initial screen
B. Item overviews
C. Item detail
Correct Answers
1) A, B, C, D
2) A, B, C, D
3) A, B, C, D
4) A, B, C
5) A, B, C, D
6) A, B, C, D
7) A, B, C, D
8) A, B, C, D
9) B, C
10) A, B, C


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