Bill Of Materials Self-Review Multiple Choice Questions Answers #1

1) Variant BOMs are supported for the following BOM categories:

A. Material BOMs
B. Document structures
C. Equipment BOMs
D. Functional location BOMs

2) BOM data is structured as follows in the R/3 System:

A. The BOM header contains data that applies to the entire BOM.
B. The BOM item contains data that only applies to a specific component of the BOM.
C. Sub-items contain data on the different installation points for partial quantities of an item.

3) In the BOM header, you maintain data that refers to the entire object:

A. For a multiple BOM, this means one of the alternative BOMs for an object
B. For a variant BOM, this means one of the variants
C. None of above

4) On this screen, the system displays the data that identifies the BOM. Select true following validity data:

A. Date BOM was created
B. Name of user who created the BOM.
C. Date BOM was last changed
D. Name of user who last changed the BOM

5) You can assign a document to a BOM header or item. On the header detail screen and the item detail screen of each item there is a tab page with a list of the assigned documents.  In this list, you can:

A. Assign documents
B. Delete document assignments
C. Look for documents
D. Sort the list in ascending or descending order
E. Go to document info records
F. Display and print out original documents
G. Add notes

6) The following data is relevant to document items.

A. Document Number
B. Document type
C. Document part
D. Version

7) In R/3 the deletion indicator ensures that a document is deleted in the following processing situations:

A. Using the report MCDOKDEL
B. After the archiving session
C. None of above

8) These checks take place in the following processing situations:

A. Create document (CV01N)
B. Change document (CV02N)
C. Display document (CV03N)
D. All of above

9) The following attributes can be checked:

A. Document Number
B. Document version
C. Document part

10) Interface for an enhancement you can use to check enterprise-specific requirements you made in processes. These processes can be integrated into the following functions:

A. Find document
B. Web scenarios
C. All of above



1) A, B, C, D

2) A, B, C

3) A, B

4) A, B, C, D

5) A, B, C, D, G

6) A, B, C, D

7) A, B

8) D

9) A, B, C

10) C


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