Cost Analysis Table In Production Order

How to find the cost breakup table in SAP? The cost breakup analysis that is shown in the production orders?
Try program RKACSHOW, see note 28145. RKACSHOW shows all the tables that are updated on an order.
I managed to find the cost analysis details table for the CO Production Order:
COVP - CO Object: Line Items (by Period and Document Header)
Use tcode SA38 or SE38 to run the report RKACSHOW (5 star for this report)
Order............... 509060343                                                      
Ledger.............. 0 
Object Number  OR000509060343        
File              No.of Rec.  Name                                         
JSTO               -  Status object information                                   
  JCDO             -  Change Documents for Status Object (Table JSTO)             
  JEST             -  Individual Object Status                                    
    JCDS           -  Change Documents for System/User Statuses (Table JEST)      
COBRA              -  Settlement Rule for Order Settlement                        
  COBRB            -  Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement         
AUAK               2  Document Header for Settlement                              
COKA               3  CO Object: Control Data for Cost Elements                   
COKP               CO Object: Control Data for Primary Planning                
COSPA              4  CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings (All Periods)  
  COSPRA           CO Object: Enhancement to COSPA for Recipe Planning         
COSPD              2  CO Object: Settled Primary Cost Totals                      
COKS               CO Object: Control Data for Secondary Planning              
COSSA              1  CO Object: Cost Totals for Internal Postings (All Periods)  
COSSD              1  CO Object: Settled Secondary Cost Totals                    
  COVP             -  CO Object: Line Items (by Period and Document Header)       
    COEPD          -  CO Object: Line Item Settlement, Not Valuated, With Status  
    COEPBR         -  CO Object: Valuated Line Item Settlement                    
  COVJA            -  CO Object: Line Items by Year + Doc. Header for All Periods 
  COOI             -  Commitments Management: Line Items                          
  V_COFP           -  Document Lines (Flow of Funds) and Document Header          
COKR               CO Object: Control Data for Statistical Key Figures         
COSRA              CO Object: Statistical Key Fig. Totals (All Periods)        
  COVPR            -  CO Object: LIs for Stat. Key Figs (by Period and Doc. Hdr)  
  COVJRA           -  CO Object: LIs for Stat. Key Figs (by FYear; All Periods)   
COKL               CO Object: Control Data for Activity Types                  
COSLA              1  CO Object: Activity Type Totals (All Periods)               
  COVPL            -  CO Object: LIs for Acty Types (by Period and Doc. Header)   
  COVJLA           -  CO Object: LIs for Acty Types (by Year, Doc. Hdr; All Prds) 
COSLD              CO Object: Activity Type Totals - of Which Settled          
COSTA              CO Object: Price Totals (All Periods)                       
  COVPT            -  CO Object: LIs for Prices (by Period and Document Header)   
  COVJTA           -  CO Object: LIs for Prices (by FYear, Doc Hdr; All Periods)  
COSBA              CO Object: Total Variances/Results Analyses - All Periods   
COSBD              CO Object: Total of variances/accruals, of which settled    
  COVPB            -  CO Object: Variance/Res.Analysis and Doc. Header Line Items 
COANZ              Index of Objects With Down Payments/Requests                
FMSU               FI-FM Totals Records                                        
  V_COFP           -  Document Lines (Flow of Funds) and Document Header          
RPSCO              Project info database: Costs, revenues, finances            
RPSQT              Project info database: quantities      

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