MRP Setting For ERSA Material Type

I wanted to do MRP setting for ERSA material type and not other material types.
How and what are the configuration and the setting has to be done for this?


If you want material to be considered for production planning, then you need to configure for MRP type, controller, procurement type should be 'F', availability check, (BOM explosion parameters and production version if it is involved repetitive manufacturing).

Yes, you can run MRP only for ERSA.
It depend on you, how business create a requirement from SAP.
You can select re-order point planning so that requirement will automatically be created.

  • If you want to run MRP based on independent requirement then Set one MRP Controller for ERSA and Put this in your Scope of Planning than run MRP. 

  • Before configuring any material types (for your case ERSA material type ), you must know following:

    • How the material is going to be treated?
    • Is it to be managed as stock or non-stock items?
    • If stock, does it requires GR/IR clearing account for Spares (GR may be non-valuated).
    • If non stock, what MRP type should be used?
    • On specific purpose spare parts treated as asset (where at the end treated as asset and 50% input credit taken).
    • Sometimes based on scenario spares treated as consumable item where MRP type play a vital role.
    • Better take spare as stock item (separate valuation class and all assignment in OBYC) and separate inventory account for spares with GR/IR clearing account for Spares with GR/IR valuated.
    • Also take MRP type PD, where you can plan for MRP run.
    The following are the Major Configuration items explained in detail:

    a) Activating MRP and Planning File Entry

    SAP Transaction code OMDU and the SAP path is Logistics -> Production -> MRP -> Planning File Entry -> Activate MRP and Set up Planning File

    b) SAP MRP Plant Level MRP Parameters Configuration

    Transaction code OPPQ and SAP path is Logistics -> Production -> Material Requirement Planning -> Plant Parameters -> Carry out Overall Maintenance of Plant Parameters

    c) SAP MRP, MRP Group Level Parameters Configuration

    Transaction code OPPR or the transaction path Logistics -> Production -> MRP -> MRP Groups

    d) Configuring SAP MRP Types = Use the Standard Functionality

    e) Configuring SAP MRP Scope of Planning for the Total Planning Run

    Transaction code OM0E and SAP path SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Production -> MRP -> Planning -> Define Scope of Planning for Total Planning, can be used to configure

    f) Configuring SAP MRP Planning time fence and Roll Forward Period

    SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Production -> Material Requirements Planning -> Planning -> MRP Areas -> MRP Calculation -> Define Planning Time Fence and Roll Forward Period

    g) Configuring SAP MRP Areas

    Use the transaction path: SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Production -> Material Requirements Planning -> Master Data -> MRP Areas -> Activate MRP for MRP Areas

    h) SAP MRP Dynamic Safety Stock (Range of coverage Profile)

    SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Production -> Material Requirements Planning -> Planning -> MRP Calculations -> Define Range of Coverage Profile (Dynamic Safety Stock)

    i) Configuring SAP MRP Daysí Supply and Receipt Daysí Supply

    SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Production -> Material Requirements Planning -> Evaluations -> Define Receipt Elements for Receipt Dayís Supply And maintain the settings in MRP 1,2,3 and 4 as per the requirement for the materials

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