Table of the Order Production Operation

Which is the table of the order production operation details?  I need to get the activities for production order : 
Setup, Labor, Machine, Confirmed and to confirm.
I can see look at this in CO02 / Operation Overview (f5) / Operation Detalis / Qty-Activities

That is probably the hardest information to piece together, I used 5 tables with multiple joins to get User Fields for operations in a production order. Maybe you can use something simular.

AFKO - this is for your basic production header info - order number, basic finish date etc

S022 - this is for your operation header details - operation number, Work centre etc if you are only after the header details such as setup time and execution time, you can probably stop here without going to AFVC or AUFV (you definitely need AUFK if you want order status)

AUFK - this is for your order master data - Order released flag, order complete flag, technically complete date, you'll need this to filter out closed orders

AFVC - this is to link to the detail table - however I used the control key field in it so I would know whether it was a MILE stone or GPP1 for confirmation's sake

AUFV - this is the user field table - you may want to replace this with whatever detail you are after

Delete all the automatic joins:

AFKO -> AUFK on:

AFKO -> S022 on:

AFKO -> AFVC on:

S022 -> AFVC on:

The join below is for user fields in operation detail, you will have to find your own relevant table, but I assume the two key fields will be the same?

AFVC -> AFVU on:
AUFPL -> AUFPL - Routing number of operations in the order APLZL -> APLZL - General Counter for order

Tips by : Robert

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