Transaction Code To View All SAP Tables

What is the transaction code to view all SAP (PP) table,or there is some other way to view?

By: Riki Paramita 

To browse tables which specified for PP module only, you can use SE16 with a specified application component & sub-component. First, go to SE16, browse the application component (ex : PP), then select the sub-component (ex : PP-SFC, for Production Orders related tables); and all tables within the specified area will be displayed. 

In tcode SE16, click the Down Arrow next to the Table Name field:

Then it will pop-up a screen, look at the bottom of the screen:

SE16 - SAP Application Modules

Then select components by clicking the + sign to open up the sub-compenent you want.  For e.g.:

SE16 - SAP PP Module Tables

Some important tables within the PP area : 

MAST - Material BOM
STKO  - BOM Header
STPO  - BOM Positions (detail)
MAPL - Assignment for Task Lists to Materials
PLKO - Routing Group Header
PLSO  - Routing Group Sequence
PLPO  - Routing Group Operations
AFKO - Production Order Header
AFPO  -Production Order Position (details) 

Related tables in MM area : 

MAKT - Material Descriptions
MARA - General Material Data
MARC - Plant Data for Material
MARD - Storage Location Data for Material
MAST  - Material to BOM Link

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