SAP PS Consultant Quick Questions And Answers #2

Q-1 In SAP You can use the SAP classification system to classify PRTs with a material master and miscellaneous PRTs. In the classification system you can :

Create classes for PRTs with special attributes, for instance measurements or weights.
Assign a PRT to a class and maintain particular values for it, for instance, the length, diameter, speed or the feed rate of a drill.
Use the characteristic attributes to find a PRT.

Q-2 You can only assign PRTs with material master records if :

  • The Prod. resources/tools view has been maintained in the material master.
  • The MM/PP status of the material permits assignment.
Q-3 As per status , you can assign PRT to :

You can only allocate PRTs with a PRT master record (miscellaneous) if the PRT status permits usage planning of the PRT.
You can only plan the usage of PRTs with document info records when they have the released for production status.
You can only allocate PRTs with an equipment master record, if the Production resource/tool view has been maintained in the equipment master record

Q-4 You can plan cost in the following currencies :

  • Controlling area currency
  • Object currency
  • Transaction currency
  • Currency of the user's choice 
Q-5 Which key figures are available for plan values in user-definable currency :
  • Planned fixed costs
  • Planned variable costs
  • Planned total costs
  • Actual total costs
Q-6 If you use the user-definable currency, you can enter the following attributes :
  • Currency
  • Exchange rate type
  • Value date for the translation
Q-7 If you do not use the transaction currency as a characteristic in your planning layout system uses

The SAP R/3 System automatically uses the object currency for newly created planning records.
As of Release 4.0, the system updates the accumulated plan and actual costs in controlling area.

Q-8 You must have entered the following settings in Project System customizing to plan the cost :

You have defined a CO version for Easy Cost Planning.
In the standard, the values calculated in Easy Cost Planning are recorded in CO version 000

Q-9 Triggering the Execution Services is possible for :

  • Internal orders
  • WBS elements
  • Ad hoc cost estimates to which you have assigned an account assignment object.
Q-10 The following changes in costing planning can be documented in the system as line items for :
  • Structure oriented cost planning (independent of cost elements)
  • Planning primary costs and activity input
  • Unit costing (independent of cost elements)
Q-11 If you want to total up valued that Which values are totaled up?
  • Structure plan values from subordinate WBS elements
  • Cost element plan values from subordinate WBS elements
  • Unit costing values from subordinate WBS elements
  • Structure plan value from the directly superior WBS element
Q-12 Costing variants contain the criteria for the costing and comprises :
  • Costing type
  • Valuation variant
Q-13 Valuation variant comprise the :

Valuation variant, containing the:

Strategy sequence for rate and price determination
Costing sheet for overhead calculation
Costing variant as a default value for the unit costing in the general costs activity or material component.

Q-14 You use internally-processed activities to plan work to be performed internally. You specify the:

  • Required work time
  • Duration and dates of activities
  • Work center at which an activity will be carried out
  • Activity type (if desired, from the work center)
Q-15 You use externally-processed activities to plan work to be performed externally. The system calculates the planned costs using the price which :
  • You have defined manually in the activity
  • Is defined in the purchasing info record


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