SAP PS Interview Questions

Q1. For raising Client billing, is there any possibility of linking line items in SD module with Activities / WBS in PS module? 

A1. It can be linked through DIP Profile and do Resource Related Billing for raising billing.

Q2. Can Revenues be linked with Activities?

A2. No, it can be done at WBS level with 'Billing' operative indicator.

Q3. Can progress be updated in WBS elements?

A3. Yes, You can use Progress Analysis (EVA) for this.

Q4. We would like to compare the planned cost, actual cost & revenue for line items in SD module. For this as what object should we consider the line item in PS module.

A4. You can use Billing level WBS in PS module. 

Q5. In easy cost planning/ cost models, the resource requirement details (quantity and rate) are given to get the cost of each line item. But to get planned cost of each activity, the consultant is asking us to assign resources separately again in activities. If we consider the line items as activities, should we assign the resources again or the same in easy cost planning / cost models can be linked to get the resources assignment in a simpler method.

A5. Instead of this, you can use costing variant for Easy Cost Planning (not for the activities)             *-- Vivek

Is there any way by which we can lock two specific wbs elements say overheads and other expenses, so that the user cannot release PR?

The easiest way would be to define the project release process in the bottom-up fashion. That means, you will only release the activities/WBS elements that you need from time to time during the course of the project. That way, charges won't be accrued on a WBS element until it's released (so, don't release it until it's ready for collecting costs).

Is there any way by which we can stop the network from attaching further materials after it is released?

This is controlled through the change profile, which is assigned to the network profile. In the change profile, under the Component tab, you can define the release status of the activity at which you can create/change/delete material components.
*-- Murali Lanka

How can we set the options for capacity reports CM01 ?

This will possible depend on your config, but the options I use are:
    Tick, Cumulation of reqmts, Dyn. capacity cumul. and then select the hierarchy you have set up.
I then select the financial year (as we are budget driven) using Entry type A and the start/finish of the financial year.
I select period Month.
Then click tick.
I then select the work centre I require. or arm of the hierarchy.
You can then select standard overview and also select graphs or if you need a detailed list press that button.   *-- Jim Carter

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