SAP PS Self Review Certification Questions And Answers

These are just some simulated SAP PS certification questions and answers for your self-preparation.

1. Which of the following are true of projects?

a. A WBS is a model of a project, and shows the project activities to be fulfilled in hierarchical form.
b. The project definition provides default values such as dates for the project.
c. Activities form the operative basis for planning and controlling dates, costs and revenues.
d. When costs and dates are planned for WBS elements, they are aggregated at the activity level

2. Which of the following are functions of Work Breakdown Structures?

a. Dates
b. Capacities
c. Costs/revenues
d. Budget
e. Scheduling
f. Period processing

3. You can use the project building to maintain which of the following?

a. WBS elements
b. Activities
c. Networks
d. Materials
e. PRT
f. Relationships
g. PS Texts

4. Which of the following are operative indicators?

a. Billing
b. Account assignment
c. Cost
d. Planning
e. Statistical
f. Settlement

5. The graphical tools in the project building can only be used to edit the hierarchical or network structures of a project.

a. True
b. False

6. Which of the following are activity types in project systems?

a. Internal
b. External
c. Cost
d. Services
e. Stock
f. Non-stock
g. Account assignment

7. Which of the following are functions of activities?

a. Milestones
b. Cost activity
c. Materials
d. Periodic processing
e. Internal activities
f. Dates

8. All of the functions you need to create a network are available in the network graphic (True/False).

a. True
b. False

9. The project planning board can be used to edit which of the following?

a. Project definition
b. WBS elements
c. Activities
d. Milestones
e. Relationships
f. Planning dates and resources
g. Cost planning using activities

10. Which of the following are methods for planning costs in project systems?

a. Cost element planning
b. Unit costing
c. Overall planning
d. Easy cost planning
e. Projects and orders
f. Project systems planning
g. Cost analysis

11. In SAP ERP Program and Project Management, operative indicators define the characteristics of a work breakdown structure (WBS) element, and also what tasks will be performed by the WBS element when the project is being executed. Which of the following are WBS element operative indicators?
More than one answer is correct.  Please choose the correct answers.

a. Planning element
b. Account assignment element
c. Budgeting element
d. Billing element
e. Cost element



1) b, c

2) a, c, d, f

3) a, b, c, d, f, g

4) a, b, d

5) b

6) a, b, c, d

7) a, b, c, d, e

8) a

9) a, b, c, d, e, f, g

10) a, b, c, d, e

11) a, b, d


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