General Process Flow For Incoming Inspection

This is just an example of a business process for an incoming inspection.  Every companies have their own incoming inspection process and this is to give you an ideas for those who are new to the incoming inspection that incorporate SAP with it.
Process Objective
This deals with the creation and processing of Inspection Lots in TRF for Incoming Material.  Inspection lot can be used for the following process:
  • Describe the Quality Inspection Parameters of Material.
  • Calculation of Sample size for inspection.
  • Describe quality specification for material.
  • To record and calculate the results during inspection.
  • To record usage decision on material.
  • To place the material to appropriate stock and location.
In an Inspection lot, TRF QA can capture the results and defects of material received with the help of Inspection lot system status progress of inspection activity can be monitored.
a. General Requirements
  • Inspect vendor goods upon receipt (Goods Receipt Note).
  • Inspect goods that have been externally processed when they are returned in goods receipt.
b. Creation of Lot
  • Inspection lot is generated in the background as soon as the TRF MM department has created the goods receipt of material against Purchase Order.  Inspection lot generated is of Origin 01 and controlled through Quality Management View of the Material Master.
c. Processing of Inspection Lot
  • Inspection lot can be processed in following steps:
d. Result and Defect Recording
  • Results can be recorded for inspection lot by using transaction code: QA32 or QA51N by TRF QA for all MIC's assigned to lot.  In case defects are noticed then Defect Notification can be raised for individual characteristics or Lot.
e. Valuation of Characteristics
  • Each Characteristic can be evaluated on the basis of specification value or characteristics attribute of TRF
f. Closing Valuated Characteristic
  • Characteristic need to be closed after valuation mark status of lot as closed after recording and no further result recording is possible afterward.
g. Usage Decision and Stock Posting
  • After goods receipt document, material remains in Quality Restricted Stock.  Usage decision to be taken by TRF QA user and entered for lot based on results recorded during inspection and accordingly material stock will be moved from Quality (Restricted) stock to:
  • Unrestricted stock for accepted materials.
  • Blocked stock for rejected materials.
In case of reject TRF QA can create a defect notification.
Note: Once usage Decision is made and stock posting is done for inspection, same cannot be reversed.


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