Simulated SAP QM Questions And Answers For Self-Testing #2

List of quality management questions to self-evaluate your understanding.
1. What Quality Management master data does an inspection with defect recording require?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Task list
b) Catalogs
c) Inspection methods
d) Master inspection characteristics
2. When you create a task list for an inspection lot, which objects are available for inspection?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question?
a) Equipment
b) Batch
c) Handling unit
d) Material
3. When you activate QM in the material master in Procurement, to which organizational level does the function apply? Please choose the correct answer.
a) Controlling area
b) Client
c) Plant
d) Company code
4. On which structure level can you control Sales and Distribution processes within QM for material and customer data? Please choose the correct answer.
a) Company code
b) Sales organization
c) Distribution channel
d) Customer sales area
5. Your customer requires the receipt of incoming certificates.
Where do you allocate the certificate type when you activate Quality Management (QM) in Procurement?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) In the vendor master record
b) In the Q-info record
c) In the inspection plan
d) In the material master
6. Which of the following charts take into account only internal process parameters and not external tolerance specifications? Please choose the correct answer.
a) Shewhart Chart
b) Planning Control Chart
c) Acceptance Chart
d) Western Electric Chart
7. To which notification structure elements or objects can you assign catalog types?
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question
a) Action
b) Documents
c) Partner
d) Task
e) Header
8. Which of the following controls a sample-managed process?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Sample determination
b) Sample procedure
c) Sample plan
d) Sample draw
9. After you have approved all physical sample documents for a stability study, how do you close the corresponding inspection lots? Please choose the correct answer.
a) Remove the samples from storage.
b) Archive physical sample documents.
c) Change the test scheduling.
d) Make a usage decision.
10. When you perform calibration inspections, which objects do you combine with maintenance items in a maintenance plan? Please choose the correct answer.
a) Scheduling parameters and maintenance task lists
b) Scheduling parameters and maintenance orders
c) Scheduling parameters and inspection lots
d) Inspection characteristics and inspection plans
Suggested Answers
1 a) Incorrect   
1 b) Correct   
1 c) Incorrect   
1 d) Incorrect   
2 a) Correct
2 b) Incorrect
2 c) Incorrect
2 d) Correct
3 a) Incorrect
3 b) Correct
3 c) Incorrect
3 d) Incorrect
4 a) Incorrect
4 b) Correct
4 c) Incorrect
4 d) Incorrect
5 a) Incorrect
5 b) Incorrect
5 c) Incorrect
5 d) Correct
6 a) Correct   
6 b) Incorrect   
6 c) Incorrect   
6 d) Incorrect   
7 a) Correct
7 b) Incorrect
7 c) Incorrect
7 d) Correct
7 e) Correct
8 a) Incorrect
8 b) Correct
8 c) Incorrect
8 d) Incorrect
9 a) Incorrect
9 b) Incorrect
9 c) Incorrect
9 d) Correct
10 a) Correct
10 b) Incorrect
10 c) Incorrect
10 d) Incorrect


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