SAP LE (Logistics Execution) Module Tips

Helpful SAP LE module stuff to assist those supporting the SAP Logistics Execution Module.  From SAP 4.6c onwards, the Logistics Execution was created partly from MM (Warehouse Management) and SD (Delivery).  If you have any SAP LE questions, you need to identify the SAP modules it belongs and raise it either in the SAP MM or SAP SD Forum.

SAP Supply Chain Reference Books
SAP R/3 Business Blueprint: Understanding Enterprise Supply Chain Management (2nd Edition)
Supply Chain Management Based on SAP Systems

Transaction Code
Major Tcodes in HU Inbound and Outbound
Steps To Run The Transaction Code VT01N

Shipping Multiple Choice Questions Answers #1
Shipping Multiple Choice Questions Answers #2

IMG Configuration
Set the number range for Deliveries
Set the default start variant for VL10
Adding additional fields to Delivery Due List
Checking Fields with Incompletion procedures for Delivery
Exclude inventory in Storage Locations during Delivery Creation
Avoiding delivery creation when items quantity are zero
Assignment of Plant to Shipping Point
Config Guide For Shipping, Transportation, Shipment Cost

Decentralized WMS Integration Setup

Customizing picking output
Condition Type EK00

Problem in Shipping
Movement Type Posting Error In Delivery
Shipping Conditions and Storage Location Determination
Delivery Split Because Of Conflicting Header Data
Route Determination In Sales Order
Planned Delivery Cost and Unplanned Delivery Cost
Explain What You Understand By Drop Shipment
Shipping Condition Route Determination And Loading Group
Define Loading Group
Batch Determination In Delivery
Delivery Item And Shipment Cost Item
Inbound Delivery No Goods Movement In MD04
Steps For SO Reject And Deliveries Delete
Traffic Light In Delivery Due List
Sales Order Blocked For Delivery
Reverse Outbound Inbound Delivery To Previous Month
Error VL324 In Item Processing Detail
Unpacking Items Of A Delivery
Delivery Order Due Scheduling Date

Transaction Codes for Handling units
Basic Process of how Packing Works
The "Packing Process" with an Example
Auto Creation Of TOs Handling Unit Inbound Delivery
Posting Delivery Fails With Error HUGENERAL327
Activate Handling Unit Management For Warehouse

List Of User Exit Related to VL01N

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