Explain What You Mean By Line Item

Line Item means the number of item records in a document.

For example, you go to a shop and buy three items say pen, pencil and book.  The shop keeper will give you the bill like the one below.

Bill Number : 0001

Bill Date : 28.06.2099

Party's Name : Vipin

Slno.   Particulars     Qty    Rate   Value

1.       Pen               2        15       30

2.       Pencil            5          5       25

3.       Book             1         50      50

          Total             8                  105

If you observe the above bill, the bill number, date, your name, total qty and total value appear only once for the bill.  But you have three items in the bill, for which break up is given one by one.  If you imagine the same bill in SAP, the details that appear only once in the document are called header details.  The three items in the bill are called line items.

This logic is applicable for all the modules in sap.  You will have line items in purchase order, sale order, accounting document, material document, bill of material, routings, task line, class characteristics every where.

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