Cancel Reverse Invoice List - VF26

VF26 is used for cancel of invoice list.
Field: Document
Not a required field.  The user needs to enter at least one billing document number to create an invoice list.
Output Result:
Any problems with the cancellation of invoice list documents are captured in the billing log.
Tips and Tricks:
Depending on the number of billing documents that you want to include, you can choose one of two ways to create the invoice list. You can either:
- Select Invoice list, Cancel and enter each billing document separately
- Create a work list of the billing documents that are relevant for cancellation of invoice list processing and then process the list.
This procedure shows you how to create the work list.
Select Invoice list (VF26), click Work list for invoice lists.
- Enter your selection criteria and select Invoice list - Display work list for invoice lists.
The system displays a list of billing documents that meet your selection criteria.
Select the billing documents that you want to include in the cancellation of invoice list and select Invoice list -Save.
User Input:
Via Menus - Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Billing -> Invoice List -> Cancel/Reverse Via Transaction Code - VF26

Cancel/Reverse Via Transaction Code - VF26

On screen “Cancel Invoice List”, enter information in the fields as specified.
Field: Document              
- Enter the invoice document numbers that should appear in the invoice list
- Click on Execute button
Save the invoice list.  (Click on diskette icon or Ctrl + S)
Exit invoice list processing.  (Click on yellow up-facing arrow icon, or Shift + F3)
If there are 1000 invoices, how will user cancel these 1000 invoices in a single step?
Create excel sheet for the invoices to be cancelled and paste in VF26.
How to get the list of cancelled invoice?
You can get the list from these two transaction and you can print out or download into Excel.
For both tcodes, fill in your company cancellation "Billing Type" and execute so that you will get list of all cancelled invoices.
VF05N, you can get the list of cancelled invoice list document
VF26 where you specified the cancellation billing document.

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