Important Tips for Interview for SAP SD

Let me share some important tips for interview for SAP SD:

 1.  Please be through with the projects you have mentioned in your resume. 
 2.  Remember all the versions you have worked upon. 
 3.  If your projects are in Indian scenario be thorough with CIN/Excise VAT and pricing procedure. 
 4   For offshore client specially in Europe and NASA prepare yourself for SAP Warehouse/Lean warehouse 
 5.  Third Party Sales and billing / Inter Company / Make to order are important topics. 
 6.  Cost booking that is accounting entries after PGI and Billing should be known to you. 
 7.  Mug up all the determinations. 
 8.  Remember your last ticket. 
 9.  Have general awareness about ALE/EDI/IDOC, as this provides added advantage. (not very tough) 
10. Please be through with your basics, the process, the pricing and the master data. 
11. People who are thorough with route, transportation, shipping always have an added advantage.


Do not try to fool your interviewer, say exactly and only what is asked do not show your excitement and do not speak too much if you know the topic too well, and say a straight NO if you have not worked on something, or don't know about something, pls pls pls don't not go for flukes otherwise you will end up in soup.

What I understand is most of the companies especially in the US are looking for a candidates with
1) good communication skills (SAP is all about interacting with the client, users and team)
2) good business knowledge
3) are you able to convince the client

Then comes in next round when you are interviewed to be departed for any US/Europe project, in this round take care of the following:

1. Speak slow, I mean normal, because usually Indians speak english too fast. 
2. Listen to them carefully, if you are not able to understand their question request them to repeat it, rather than assuming it to be something else and giving a wrong reply. 
3. Again I should repeat prepare yourself for warehouse, I mean even general knowledge will help. 
4. Say a straight no when you don't know or have not worked on the topic. 
5. Always be strong on SD, MM & FI integration's.

What the job responsibilities would be for the Support Consultant? If the Consultant is working in Offshore Support, How the business interaction would be there between the Consultant and Customer? How the Customer Queries were handled successfully sitting from his location.

Job responsibility of a Support consultants is to handle routine tickets, which can be incident (routine problems), change tickets (need configuration change, therefore a change request), normally a support consultant can only advice a change but can't do it , because there is always a change advisory board on client end to evaluate and implement the advised change.

Business interaction between users and customer can be through mail box utilities, outlook, even telephones and some companies also allow chat.

Usually the customer provides with the number of the document and client/company code and other necessary info. about the process which is facing problem, the consultant tracks the project by logging in to development server and search out for causes, the solution is then sent to user, maybe with snapshot if required.

For those people who asks for for tickets:
1. Tickets are normally raised by end user and carry a priority. 
2. Those who are asking SAP gurus to tell them about tickets, pls note that most of the problems except for the basic questions discussed in this group are the tickets themselves, tickets are nothing but the routine incidents the SAP consultants get, if you regularly read the mails in the group you will soon start recognizing tickets.

And the most important thing "Believe in yourself and God, as there is always somebody there to help you".

What is the team size?  Duration of the project.

Hardly the team of the SAP SD will be 4 to 5 and entire team of the project will be around 20-24 (all modules like fi/co, sd, mm, pp, hr, qm, pm).  If its big project, it will be around 40.  Team size means the employees who you are working on sap r/3 implementation.

For the project completion it will take around 8-10 months to get into golive.  After that, post implementation for 3 months.  After that supporting it depends as project time line for every company is different. 

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