Mass Repeat Print Sales Order

Did not realize that SAP does not provide a standard transaction code to mass print sales order until there was a request from one of our company user.
Is there a transaction for the collective printing of outputs from orders (such as VF31 for "Output from Billing" or VL71 for "Output from Deliveries")?

No, there is no such transaction in the standard system.
However, the following alternative is available: The relevant transactions for outputs from sales process documents are always based on the report SD70A*.
VL71 -> SD70AV2A
VF31 -> SD70AV3A and so on
Such a report also exists for outputs from orders: SD70AV1A. You can either directly execute this report or assign it to a customer-specific transaction.
Execute Mass Print of Sales Order
SA38 or SE38 (you can also assign a Z tcode for your user if they need this to use this mass sales order print program)
Program: SD70AV1A
Processing mode: 
1 choose this if the output had never been printed before
2 if output printed before
NAST you can make use of this table to copy and paste the list of sales orders that you wish to print or ask the user to provide you with the list.

Mass Repeat Print Sales Order

Further Notes:
Why does the system not issue outputs in the expected sequence when sales documents are collectively printed?

This is the standard system behavior.

  • The sequence of the outputs in the output determination procedure does not have any influence on the sequence of the outputs during printing.
  • The system ignores the sequence in which the outputs were inserted into a document.
  • The system does not automatically sort according to customers when it issues outputs.
In Sales and Distribution, the outputs in a document are repeatedly sorted in internal tables during output determination and output processing.

Use the sort criteria of the relevant transaction (for example, VF31) or the sort criteria of the relevant report (for example, RSNAST00) for issuing outputs.

Can you use further sort criteria in addition to those proposed in the "Sort order" field for printouts from sales and distribution documents (for example, transaction VF31 or VL71)?

Yes, the following options are available for this:
1. In Customizing of the output type, you can specify up to three additional sort fields from the relevant print structure (print structure KOMKBV1 for application V1, KOMKBV2 for application V2 and so on).
You can then use these fields as "Sort fields 1-3" using sort criterion 04 and 05.
2. If this is not sufficient, you can use the user exit RSNASTZZ to sort the outputs for specific customers when you are working with the report RSNAST00.
For more information, see Note 357114.


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