Posting Delivery Fails With Error HUGENERAL327

HU items material posting is inconsistent when doing VL09 reversal.

Diagnosis: Handling unit contains more than one item.

Error reasons:

The posting of a delivery that contains HUs fails because of error message "HU items' material posting is inconsistent" (HUGENERAL 327). This happens in case the delivery has several items for the same material number.  For example, this could arise when posting Partial Goods Receipt in a non HU-managed storage location.

You are given the following options by the system:

- Post all items to an HU-managed storage location
- Post all items to a non-HU storage location
- Repack the items in different handling units so that items that are to be posted to the same type of storage location are packed together.


First try to Post all items to an HU-managed storage location or Post all items to a non-HU storage location. 

From which location are you doing PGI. If Non Hu managed then move it to Hu manage location with VLMOVE and then try.

Secondly, check whether do you use the functionality of handling unit management (is TVSHP-EXIDV_UNIQUE activated in your system)? 

You can get this error message, for example, if you switch on the functionality of handling unit management in your running productive system (that you should never do) (after posting the goods movement in the delivery, but before the reversal in VL09).

Because if this flag is not switched on, some tables for HU-history and HU-status are not updated. If you switch on this flag, and want to reverse the goods movement that was posted before activating this flag, you will get problems, as the system misses the entries in the HU tables. You can also check note 539525 for this.

For our case, we implement the program correction in function module HU_CONSISTENZ_CHECK

Do check support package and release.

Please refer Note 702800 - Error with reversal, HU inconsistent.

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