Questions Answers On PP Costing In Sales Order Processing

1) In sales order processing you basically use two costing functions:
A. Sales order costing
B. Order BOM cost estimate
2) You can create a cost estimate for the following sales document types:
A. Inquiries
B. Quotations
C. Sales orders
3) To cost sales orders with the functions of product costing, you must define the following parameters in Customizing for Product Cost Controlling:
A. Costing variant
B. Costing type
C. Valuation variant
D. Transfer strategy
E. Date control
F. Quantity structure determination
G. Cost components
4) To cost sales orders with unit costing, you must define the following parameters in Customizing for Product Cost by Sales Order:
A. Costing variant
B. Valuation variant
5) When a sales order cost estimate is created, this has the following effects:
A. The conditions are updated in SD.
B. The planned costs are updated to the sales order item.
6) In the cost estimate for the sales order item, you can:
A. Use the lot size of the sales order as the basis for calculating the planned costs
B. Determine the quantity structure for the product through the configuration in the sales order
C. Include the costs of raw materials and trading goods procured externally when costing the sales order
D. Calculate overhead rates based on contractual terms unique to the sales order
7) You can create a sales order cost estimate:
A. Using a product cost estimate for the multilevel BOM for the sales order item
B. With unit costing
C. By creating a product cost estimate and modifying it with unit costing
8) You can define the following default values in Customizing for Product Cost by Sales Order under Control of Sales-Order-Related Production ® Check Requirements Classes:
A. Costing method
B. Costing variant
C. Costing sheet
9) If the standard price was calculated in a product cost estimate for the sales order item, you should save an itemization if:
A. You want to calculate variances
B. You want to calculate work in process at target costs
C. You want to valuate the scrap
Correct Answers
1) A, B
2) A, B, C
3) B, C, D, E, G
4) A, B
5) A, B
6) A, B, C, D
7) A, B, C
8) A, B, C
9) A, B, C


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