Shipping Multiple Choice Questions Answers #1

1) When goods movements for stock transport orders involve Shipping, note the following:

A. When a goods issue is posted for a delivery, the serial numbers are taken from the delivery.
B. When a goods receipt is posted for a delivery, the serial numbers are also taken from the delivery

2) To create a delivery via Shipping, the following data has to be maintained in the R/3 System:

A. The plant data, sales organization, distribution channel, shipping point, and division
B. The sales and distribution data in the material master
C. The customer field in the central vendor master record, as the vendor for shipping is also the customer

3) You can manage the following goods movements via Shipping:

A. Goods issues for a delivery
B. Stock transfers using stock transport orders
C. Returns from the customer
D. Return deliveries to vendors
E. Returns for stock transport orders

4) When you create deliveries via Shipping, you can plan the following activities using the functions of shipment scheduling (refer to Transportation and Delivery Scheduling):

A. Material availability date
B. Transportation planning date
C. Loading date
D. Goods issue date

5) The shipping notification permits more precise planning of the delivery advised by the vendor. In the shipping notification, Purchasing can record the following data relevant for goods receipt:

A. Delivery date for each of the notified quantities
B. Means of transport
C. Bill of lading
D. EAN/UPC code
E. Material number used by vendor

6) In the material master record, the following indicators are relevant to the expiration date check:

A. Minimum remaining shelf life in days
B. Total shelf life in days

7) The following functions are supported when a material is not handled in batches:

A. Entry and Check Upon Goods Receipt
B. Printout on Goods Receipt/Issue Slip

8) If a material is handled in batches, the following functions are supported when the expiration date is checked:

A. Entry and Check at Goods Receipt
B. Printout on Goods Receipt/Issue Slip
C. Analysis of Batches According to Shelf Life Expiration Date
D. Batch Determination by Expiration Date upon Goods Issues

9) You can post a return delivery via Shipping from the following stock types:

A. Unrestricted-use stock
B. Quality inspection stock
C. Blocked stock
D. Goods receipt blocked stock

10) The following data is required for determining of the Availability Check in Sales and Distribution Processing date:

A. Route from the shipping point to the ship-to party location
B. Shipping point from which the goods are issued
C. Loading group from the material master record
D. Weight group determined from the order using the order quantity


Correct Answers

1) A, B

2) A, B, C

3) A, B, C, D

4) A, B, C, D

5) A, B, C, D

6) A, B

7) A, B

8) A, B, C, D

9) A, B, C, D

10) A, B, C, D


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