The "Packing Process" with an Example

You created a order for a material(R-1160 - hard disks) for a qty - 120 pieces. 

You need to create a delivery and 
A)pack 40 pieces each of the material are grouped together into larger cardboard boxes (PK-100 - shipping/packing material) and 
B)these 3 cardboard boxes are put into pallet (PK-095).

A)Packing 40 pieces each of material (40 x 3 = 120 pieces)

1)Goto [VL02N] to change the delivery, you already created. 
Or you can do the following steps while you are creating a delivery also.
2)Go to "pack" icon.
3)In the upper section, enter the "packing material" (PK-100)
4)In the lower section, change the "partial quantity" to 40 of material R-1160.
5)Select both the lines of upper section and lower section and click the green ok.  It generates a shipping unit/handling unit number.
6)Now, select both lines of upper & lower section & click the button "per part. qty" (New HU per part qty of material)
Check:  click "General Overview" icon to see whether it packed 40 pieces of material in 3 cartons.

B)Packing all 3 cartons in one big carton(PK-095)

1) from above screen, click "pack HUs" (pack shipping unit)
2)enter the packaging material (PK-095) in the upper section and select this line.
3)select 3 lines of PK-100 in lower section since you want to pack them in PK-095.
4)selecting both lines, click "pack" icon.
5)Now all the 3 cartons(PK-100 with 40 pieces each of material) are packed in one big carton (PK-095).
Check:  "General overview" icon.

Then "save" the delivery.

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