SAP MM Inventory Management Overview

SAP Inventory Management system allows you to manage stocks on a quantity and value basis in order to plan, enter, check goods movements and carry out physical inventories. 

This ebook will introduce to you the various features of Inventory Management under the MM modules.

Table of Contents
Purpose of SAP Inventory Management System 
Material Inventory Management by quantity and value 
How does the system determine the value to be posted to Financial Accounting? 
Management of material stocks by quantity 
Material Planning and Goods Movements 
Integration with the Warehouse Management Module 
What are the functions of Inventory Management? 
Goods Receipts for Purchase Orders 
What are the features of goods receipts for purchase orders? 
What are Reservations? 
What is the main function of reservations? 
What is a Storage Location? 
What effects do goods issues have? 
Transfer Postings and Stock Transfers 
How do stock transfers differ from transfer postings? 
Goods Movements for Production Orders 
What are the characteristics of goods movements for production orders? 
Integration with Quality Management 
How is quality inspection integrated into Inventory Management? 
What is Special Stock? 
What purpose does the creation of special stock serve? 
What is Physical Inventory? 
Physical Inventory Procedures 
A Sample Physical Inventory Business Process 
The SAP Inventory Business Process Flow 
Appendix A: SAP Easy Access Menu 
Appendix B: What is a Movement Type? 
Appendix C: Audit Trail in SAP Inventory System

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