SAP Sales Order Processing Overview

SAP Sales Order Processing system allowed you to manage customer orders in a logical ways.

This eBook will introduce to you the various features of the Sales Order Processing under the SD modules.

Table of Contents
Purpose of SAP Sales Order Processing System 
Integrated Function Modules 
Business Flow of the SAP Sales Process 
SAP Sales Organisation 
Key Fields In Sales Order 
Transaction Codes In Sales Order Processing 
Important Master Record 
Material Master Record 
Sales Views In Material Master 
Customer Master Record 
Sales Unit of Measure 
Delivery Plant 
Pricing Master Record 
Sales Document Flow 
Goods Movement In SD 
Stock Overview 
Availability Checks For Customer Order 
Credit Management In SD 
Sales Information System 
Report Sample : List of Sales Orders 
Change Logging In SD 
Similar Interface 
Output Determination 
Delivery To Customer 
Customer Invoice 
Automatic Accounting Posting 
Appendix A: SAP User Menu 
Appendix B: Short Cut Keys In SAP Menu 

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