A Step by Step Guide to the SAP SD Sales Order Processing Configurations

This Ebook will provide you with a step by step guide to the configuration of the Sales Order Processing under the SD modules. 

Table of Contents
IMG Menu The Starting Point 
Start of the SAP Sales and Distribution Configurations 
The Structure Configuration : Define Sales Organization
Where does you maintain the Standard Text?
The Structure Configuration : Define Distribution Channel
The Structure Configuration : Define Division 
Where is the Division Used? 
The Structure Configuration : Define Sales Office 
The Structure Configuration : Define Sales Group
Where are the Sales Org, Dist Chl, Div, Sales Off and Sales Grp Used? 
Configuring The Link : Sales Organization Assignment 
Configuring The Link : Distribution Channel Assignment 
Configuring The Link : Division Assignment 
Configuring The Link : Sales Area Assignment 
Configuring The Link : Sales Office to Sales Area Assignment 
Configuring The Link : Sales Group to Sales Office Assignment 
Configuring The Link : Sales Org., Dist. Ch. and Plant Assignment 
Configuring The Link : Sales Area to Credit Control Area Assignment 
Configuring The Link : Business Area Account Assignment 
Setup Partner Determination 
Where will the Partner Fuctions be used? 
Log of Incomplete Items Define Incompleteness Procedures 
Assign Incompleteness Procedures 
Define Status Groups 
Configuring SD : Common Distribution Channels 
Where the Common Distriution Channel was used? 
Configuring SD : Common Division 
Where the Common Divisions was used? 
Pricing : Define Condition Table 
Where are the Pricing Condition Keys used? 
Pricing : Define Condition Type 
Pricing : Define Access Sequences 
Pricing : Define and Assign Pricing Procedures 
Customer Pricing Procedure - CuPP 
Where will the Customer Pricing Procedure be used? 
Document Pricing Procedure 
Assign Document Pricing Procedures To Order Types 
Assign document pricing procedures to billing types 
Define Pricing Procedure Determination 
Where are the Sales Order Pricing Procedure used?
Pricing : Define Pricing By Item Category 
Activate pricing for item categories 
Activate cost determination for item categories 
Where does VPRS determine the price from? 
Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements 
Define Checking Group 
Where are the Availability Checks used? 
Define Material Block For Other Users 
Where is Checking Groups Default used? 
Carry Out Control For Availability Check 
Define Procedure By Requirements Class 
Define Procedure For Each Schedule Line Category 
Checking Rule For Updating Backorders 
Define Default Settings 
Delivery Scheduling and Transportation Scheduling 
Output Control Output Determination 
Maintain Output Determination for Sales Documents 
Maintain Output Types
Maintain Access Sequences 
Assign Output Types To Partner Functions
Maintain Output Determination Procedure 
Assign Output Determination Procedures 
Assign sales document items 
Define Print Parameters
Where is Output Type used? 
Double click on the Output type line item to see the details. 
Sales Documents Sales Document Header 
Define Sales Document Types 
Define Number Ranges For Sales Documents 
Define Order Reasons 
Where is the Sales Order Reasons used? 
Sales Documents Sales Document Item 
Define Item Categories 
Double click the Item Category to check the settings. 
Where is the Sales Order Item Category used? 
Define Item Category Groups 
Where is the Item Category Groups used? 
Define Default Values For Material Type 
Define Item Category Usage 
Assign Item Categories 
Define Reasons For Rejection 
Where is the Reason For Rejection used? 
Schedule Lines 
Define Schedule Line Categories 
Assign Schedule Line Categories 
Where is the Schedule Line Category used? 
Sales and Distribution Transaction Code Flow

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