A Step by Step Guide to the SAP WM Warehouse Management Configurations

This ebook will provide you with a step by step guide to the configuration of the Warehouse Management under the WM modules. 

Table of Contents
IMG Menu The Starting Point 
Why Companies Implement WM? 
Start of the SAP Warehouse Management Configurations 
The Structure Configuration : Main Physical Warehouse Sequence 
The Structure Configuration : Define Warehouse Number 
The Structure Configuration : Assign Warehouse Number 
Define Control Parameters for Warehouse Number 
Important Field: SU Management Active 
Define Number Ranges 
Define Storage Type 
Important Field: Storage sec. check active 
Strategies: Activate Storage Type Search 
Define Storage Sections 
Strategies: Activate Storage Section Search 
Where is the Storage Section Used? 
Define Picking Areas 
Define Doors 
Define Material Staging Areas 
Determine Doors and Mat.Staging Areas
Define Storage Bin Types 
Strategies: Activate Storage Bin Type Search 
Define Blocking Reasons
Where is the Blocking Reasons Used? 
Define Storage Bin Structure 
Mass Bin Creation Run 
Define Storage Type Indicators 
Where is the Storage Type Indicators Used? 
Define Storage Unit Types 
Where is the Storage Unit Type Used? 
Define Storage Section Indicators 
Where is the Storage Section Indicators Used? 
Define Special Movement Indicators 
Where is the Special Movement Used? 
Define Bulk Storage Indicators 
Where is the Bulk Storage Indicators Used? 
Putaway Strategies 
Hazardous Materials : Fire Containment Sections 
Hazardous Materials : Material Warning 
Hazardous Materials : Material Storage Warning 
Hazardous Materials : Define Aggregate States 
Hazardous Materials : Define Storage Classes 
Hazardous Materials : Activate Material Check 
Hazardous Materials : Creating a Material Record 
Hazardous Materials : Assigning Material Master 
Define Requirement Types
Define Shipment Types 
Define Movement Types 
Set Up Autom. TO Creation for TRs / Posting Change Notices 
Set Up 2-step Picking for Transfer Requirements 
Define Print Control 
Multiple Processing 
Physical Inventory: Define Default Value 
Physical Inventory: Define Types per Storage Type 
Physical Inventory: Define Differences and Document Limits 
Physical Inventory: Clear Differences (Interface to Inventory Management) 
Physical Inventory: Maintain Number Ranges 
Allow Negative Stocks in Interim Storage Types
Appendix A : A Sample SAP Support Ticket 
Appendix B : A Typical Logistic Warehouse 
Appendix C : Sample WM Implementation Template

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