Display a contents of a table on SmartForm with LOOP

There's a DDIC Table called "Ugyfel" containing 5 rows.  I'd like simply to display all the rows on a SF's Main window.

Please follow this process to display the value from your table "Ugyfel"

1.   Go with a transaction code : smartforms
2.   Enter the form name like : ysmart_forms1
3.   Create
4.   Enter the Description for the form
5.   From the left side window there will be a form interface to provide table .....
6.   Go for tables option
7.   ugyfel like ugyfel(ref.type)
8.   Pages and window---> page1---> main window
9.   Go to the form painter adjust the main window.
10. Select main window and right click --> go for create loop
11. Name: loop1, desc: display loop.
12. Internal table ktab into ktab.
13. select loop right click -> create a text
14. name  : text1,  desc: display text.
15. Go to change editor.
16. Write the mater what ever you want and if you want to display data from the table write the table fields as follows:

&ktab-<field1>&    &ktab-<field2>&

save  & activate then execute ,, scripts will generate a function module  like : '/ibcdw/sf0000031' copy this function module and call in executable program...

For that
1.  go with abap editor se38.
2.  table: ugyfel.
3.  parameters: test like ugyfel-<field1>.
4.  data itab like ugyfel occurs 0 with header line.
5.  select * from ugyfel into table itab where field1 = test1.
6.  call function '/ibcdw/sf0000031'
7.  tables
     ktab = itab.

Save and activate the program ( ^f 3).

Now run the program ( f 8)


SmartForm Tips by : Maheshkumar Gattu

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