Test Yourself With These SAP Workflow Quiz #2

List of SAP WF questions to review hat you have learned.

1) Which transaction is used to maintain Event Type Linkages?


2) The workflow runtime system always executes its tRFC (transactional RFC) calls on the logical destination _____

a. WORKFLOW_LOCAL_XXX (XXX stands for the three-digit number of the client)
e. This is dynamically system generated and cannot be predicted

3) The WF-BATCH in workflow is _____

a. A Super User in SAP that processes all background tasks in Workflow
b. A System User that belongs to SUPER user group that executes all background tasks in Workflow
c. A Dialog user that has all authorizations in Workflow and is the Workflow System Administrator
d. Both (b) and (c)
e. None of the above

4) If you want to check the Substituted / Delegated user of any user.  What will you do?

a. Check entries in table HRUS_D2
b. Run transaction SWU_DELEGATE and enter the user whose delegate you want to check
c. Run transaction RMPS_SET_SUBSTITUTE and enter the user whose delegate you want to check
d. Both (a) and (c)

5) When you export a workflow template, in which format it gets downloaded?

a. XML Format
b. PDF Format
c. Plain Text (TXT) format
d. Any format you desire

6) If the work item priority of a Foreground Task is set to "Priority - 1", it means

a. The work item will arrive faster to the approver's inbox
b. The work item will have maximum authorizations
c. The work item can be executed by anyone, since it is of the highest priority
d. The approver will receive a pop-up informing about the work item if logged in R/3
e. All of the above

7) It is possible to call multiple methods in a Standard Task.

a. True
b. False

8) Any class defined in SE24 (Class Library) can be called in a Standard Task.

a. True
b. False


Correct Answers

1) a

2) a

3) b

4) d

5) a

6) d

7) b

8) b

The Class must implement IF_WORKFLOW interface to be called in a Standard Task and be used in a workflow.

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