Workflow of Purchase Requisition Release Strategy 

Configuration of Purchase Order Release Strategy

Following is the procedure for workflow enabling of “Purchase Requisition Release Strategy”: 

1.      The standard workflow template provided by SAP for PR Release is WS00000038. This information could be retrieved from the SAP help.

2.      It is assumed that the release procedure has been setup in the system by the functional consultant, as shown below: 
PR Workflow : Change View Release Strategies Classification

3.      The customization of the PR Release Strategy could be verified at the following location:
SPRO à SAP Reference IMG à Material Management à Purchasing à Purchase Requisition à Release Procedure à Procedure with classification à Setup procedure with classification 

4.      Click on workflow in the above screen (screenshot shown below): 
PR Workflow : Release Procedure Purchase Requisitions

5.      Now define the recipients of the PR Release work item as per the release group (refer to screenshot below). For testing purposes, the recipient type is taken as “US”, instead this can also be taken as Position, Organization Unit and others.
PR Workflow : Change View Assignment of Role to Release Code

6.      Now go back to the previous screen and click on “Release Codes”. Here enter the value “1” in the workflow column for the release groups the workflow has to be configured. 
PR Workflow : Change View Release Codes Overview

7.      Activate the event linkage of the workflow either in SWDD or PFTC. 
PR Workflow : Workflow Builder Display wf_req_rel Active Saved

8.      Mark all the tasks (unless background tasks) as “General Task” in the agent assignment and generate.

Tips by : Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni

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