Query To Extract PO Specific Condition Type

I often got this request from users to assist them to extract a specific condition type in the purchase order.  Normally, it will be the freight condition.

In this example it is assume you have some table and SAP Query knowledge.

We will use the standard SAP Query (tcode SQ01) to do the extraction.

Extraction Steps:

First get the purchase number and condition type the user wish to extract.

Here, the purchase order item condition type is store in the cluster table KONV

The problem is Cluster table cannot be used in SAP Query but there is a way to over this.

So, we found the key fields linkage:

EKKO-KNUMV - Number of the document condition

KONV-KNUMV - Number of the document condition

We can now proceed to the query tcode SQ01

Condition type is store in the cluster table KONV

SQ01 Environment Info Set

Create a Join table:

EKKO-EBELN Purchasing Document Number

EKPO-EBELN  - Purchasing Document Number

Now for Cluster table KONV, click Extras button and then Create

KONV-STUNR and KONV-ZAEHK is taken based on the user condition type where each of them is assigned with a unique number.



   AND KPOSN                = EKPO-EBELP

   AND STUNR                = 31

   AND ZAEHK                = 1

Create the query together with the Cluster table KONV

Save and now you can create the query together with the Cluster table KONV

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