Explain how to use Tcode MI31

This transaction is used to create physical inventory documents for multiple materials in your plant and storage locations. Inventory documents may be created and printed prior to the count date; however, the posting block should not be set until the day of the actual physical inventory count.

1. From the SAP R/3 System screen, enter transaction code MI31.

2. Click or press Enter. The Selected Data for Phys. Inventory Docmts w/o Special Stock screen displays.

3. Enter or select a value for each of the following required fields:

  • Plant (enter plant code)
  • Storage location (do one storage location at a time)
  • Name of session
Remove the checkmark from the Materials marked for deletion field will exclude items previously marked for deletion from the inventory document.

The default session name is MB_MI01. 

Enter your initials and the session number after the default session name to identify it as your own.


  • Max. no. items/doc - use 99 for main storage location;
  • Use 300 for truck storage locations.
  • Planned count date - enter date of inventory count.
  • Physical inventory number - enter fiscal year followed by plant number and storage location. Example: 2013FY60118071.

Create Physical Inventory

Documents (in batch)

- Set posting block - check if count is immediate; do not check if creating batch documents ahead of the inventory count date.

- Sorting - click on and select Plnt-Stor.bin description-Material.

4. Erase any variants under Display options.

5. Click the Batch Input Created for the Creation of Phys. Inv. Docmts screen displays.

Enter through any system information messages or errors.

6. Click the Batch Input: Session Overview screen displays.

7. Click in the gray box next to the session name to highlight row. Click the Process Session {Session name} dialog box displays.

8. Select the Background radio button.

9. Click the following message displays:
- Session(s) transferred to background processing.

It takes approximately 5 to 6 minutes for the system to process a batch session. Please wait at least 5 minutes before continuing with Step 10.

10. Click in the gray box next to the session name and click the Batch Input: Log Overview screen displays.

11. Click in the gray box next to the session name and click .

The Batch Input Log for Session {Session name} screen displays.

If the batch processing is completed the last line in the Message column should read - Batch input processing ended. If this message does not appear on the last line adequate time was not provided for the batch process to be viewed. SAP continues the batch processing in the background. 

Use transaction MI24 to retrieve a complete list of Physical Inventory Documents created.

11. Record the physical inventory document numbers created. You will need the document numbers to print the inventory documents.

Clicking on can print this list.

12. View the log for any errors generated.

A material master record being blocked for updates at the time of processing may cause errors. Add the material to a physical inventory document using transaction code MI02.

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