Movement Error - Posting Only Possible Between

This is a very common Goods Movement error that SAP end users will face and it is related to posting period.  You can easily solve by checking your posting period configuration again.

These tcodes will help you to solve the posting period error:


Support Ticket 1:
While doing goods receipt for order, the following error occurs, it says POSTING ONLY POSSIBLE BETWEEN 11/2012 AND 10/2012

Movement type: 101
Order: 60002765
Plant: 1000
Storage Location: 0002

Support Ticket 2:
I am trying to do GR after creating PO. It is showing an error message "posting only possible during 11/2012 and 10/2012".  I went into open and close posting periods in FI (IMG) and tried opening new periods but it is still not allowing me to proceed further and is showing the same message.

Go to T.Code MMPV :
  1. Enter your company code.
  2. Fiscal year of the current period (in your case 2012).
  3. Put the period as 12.
  4. Check the radio button for check and close period.
  5. Execute.
  6. The system does say it is not current calendar year. (do not worry about this).
  7. Hit Esc and 
  8. Now change the Fiscal year to 2013 and 
  9. Period to 1 
10. Execute
Continue these steps until you reach your period and fiscal year.  

Support Ticket 3:
I am facing a problem with fiscal year. When I am trying to close the periods with MMPV, it is saying that 'specify a present calendar'.  It is not allowing me to receipt GR and post the invoice. And also when I am trying to change the next period through navigation (SPRO/Logistics General/Material master/Maintain company codes for matl management) it is saying that this company code can no longer be initiated.  Our SAP was installed recently.

To maintain fiscal year 

SPRO - Logistics General - Material Master - Basic Settings - Maintain Company Codes for Materials Management - Execute - Select Company Code and Define the Fiscal Year

Year = 2013
P(month) = current month
F/yr = 2013
M = Previous Month

ABP = Allow Back Posting (tick this to allow user to post to Previous month), DBP = Disallow back posting

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