Roles and Responsibilities of End Users

What is the Difference between Consultant & End users?

SAP consultant role is to build the system, changes & modification/updation in currently installed SAP system for the end users.

SAP End user only use the SAP system just to fetch some info, or to create new thing. So a end user is just using the final product which it is meant for and consultant design the product/updation and modification.

The roles and responsibilities of end users is working in easy access menu they will not have authorizations of using img settings if they get doubt they will send query to the implemented company and just entering day to day transactions.

Roles and Responsibilities of End User:

Using the software at the end or after the implementation is an End User.

In SAP HR , we do come across entire Organisation Management creation by an end user after the Personnel structure is created.  OM objects like creation of Org Unit means functional area or department, creation Job and Position and its occupancy is with in the limits of an end user.  Initially the OM is created by sap consultant . In course of time a new department has appeared in the company of the client .. this has to be created by the end user rather than depending up on the implementor... similarly new job and this small things are always done by the end user.

The entire work of OM is purely depends upon the endures.

After from this running periodical payroll and Ensuring of the Time schedules ( Work Schedules) of each employee is done from sap easy access by an end user and the show run of payroll every month is by the end user only.  Like this lot of roles are there for an end user. 

Whatever the problems come across during the end user utilisation of sap ...that will reach as ticket to the support team

Explain what are the job responsibilities of END user & POWER user.

One would need user id and password to access SAP be it a developer, consultant, administrator, or end user.

End user is the one who performs transactions in SAP after it goes live. Such as posting an invoice, goods receipt, creating purchase orders, sales orders etc.

Power Users are users with advanced knowledge in certain applications and with special permissions or roles. They work in the specialist departments in the company and are available to other users as contact persons.

During the SAP Implementation Project, what is the Role of Core Team Member & Consultants?

The main responsibility of the core team member will to impart knowledge about the companies processes to the SAP Consultants. The consultants will be providing the core team members with templets, that will describe the format of the AS-IS documentation wherein the core team members will write the different processes of the company into these documents and submit it to the SAP Consultants. 

The SAP consultants will then start mapping this into the system and provide the best possible solution that can be incorporated using the TO-BE documents.  The main aim is to map the companies processes into the system. 

The SAP consultants will then train the core team members for how to use the SAP system. 

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