PO Terminated When Display Delivery Address

Received a very strange support ticket.  When user try to display the purchase order delivery address, the whole document become terminated.  A quick guess tells me that this a SAP bug and I should be able to find the solution from some SAP notes.
Indeed, managed to search and found two SAP Notes that solve the problem.
Note 332470 - AM010 "Address does not exist ..."
Note 91001 describes the following problem: If you select the delivery address screen when you display or change a purchase requisition or a purchasing document, the termination message AM010 'Address does not exist' is generated.
This problem is solved with Release 4.5A.
However, after upgrades from releases up to and including Release 4.0B, it is possible that documents are processed which still have an invalid address number of the old release status in field ADRNR or ADRN2.
In this case, execute correction report ZCORADDR for each affected document. This correction report is available via Note 91001. The execution of report ZCORADDR is release-independent.
Note 91001 - Display/change address: termination AM010
If you select the delivery address screen when you display or change a purchase requisition or a purchasing document, the termination message AM010 "Address does not exist & & & &" is generated.
Other terms
ME22, ME23, ME32, ME33, ME42, ME43, ME47, ME48, ME52, ME53, AM885,
AM 010, AM 885
Reason and Prerequisites
Possible causes:
1. Addresses which contain errors, for example, specifying the postcode of a P.O. box but not the P.O. box number itself. Function module ADDR_INSERT does not insert these addresses into local memory, an address number is assigned nevertheless during posting.

2. You entered a manual delivery address and branched to the vendor address screen before posting but did not change anything there.
The cause of the error in case 1 is corrected in Release 4.0B, the cause of the error in case 2 in Release 4.5A.
The program corrections are listed in the attachment.
For documents with address numbers that do not exist, you can use the attached correction report ZCORADDR in order to remove the address number from the document item. For this, implement the following two selection texts of the report:
Parameter         Text
P_EBELN         Purchasing document
P_EBELP          Item POHEADER        Purchase order header address
PO_ITEM         Purchase order item address
PR_ITEM         Purchase requisition item address
This report ZCORADDR can also be used in higher releases!

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