Steps Of Creating Purchase Info Record

Describe the complete process of purchase info record (ME11).
For the creation of Purchase Info Record using ME11 , please create material master record & Vendor master record. Use these master data’s and create.
Enter all mandatory fields like price, standard quantity of purchase, pricing schema etc.
Info records can be created with material master or without material master (for this, you use material group).
Select the type of Info record:
1. Standard.
2. Consignment
3. Subcontracting.
4. Pipeline.
Default is always Standard.
At the initials screen the following are the input values: 
- Vendor Number 
- Material Number 
- Purchasing Organization 
- Plant 
- Info Category 
After key in these values at the initial screen you can maintain rest of the information related to material and vendor in the subsequent screen. These information can be group as follows: 
- Purchasing Organization Data 
- Conditions 
- Texts 
As per the business requirement you can make some of the fields (information) as mandatory by customizing. You can also restrict the end user from modifying these information once saved in the system. 
In the standard SAP purchasing info record is maintained as a source of information for Purchasing.  It contains some of the information from material master and some of the information related to its supplier/vendor.  Hence Material and Vendor Master is pre-requisite for a purchasing info record. 
You can also maintain the purchasing information record without material master record if your material is for direct consumption. Here you can use material group instead of material master. 
You can have more than one purchasing information record for a single material if it is being supplied by more suppliers, one for each supplier. Information maintained in purchasing information records is used as default data in documents such as purchase orders. 
In standard SAP Info record stands for information record which contains concise information about a vendor and a material that Purchasing already procures from that vendor. An info record thus represents a material-vendor relationship. 
Following are some of the information maintained in Info record: 
- Units of measure in which materials are ordered from the vendor 
- The applicable reminder levels 
- Prices and Conditions with validity period (Present and Future) 
- Applicable Tax Code 
- Planned Delivery Time 
- Standard & Maximum Quantity 
- Tolerance limits for over-deliveries and under-deliveries 
- Number of Last Purchase Order or Quotation 
- Text 
- Vendor evaluation data 
- An indicator for showing vendor as regular vendor for the material 
- The vendor sub-range to which the material belongs 
- The availability period during which the vendor can supply the material 

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