Table EINE Value Of Field NETPR PRDAT Is Incorrect

When using SE16 to display table EINE, I found that the value of field NETPR, PRDAT is different from the one when I use ME13 to display info record.


According to SAP, EINE-PRDAT table will not be updated automatically until you run report RM06INP0. The explanation is the same as for EINE-NETPR in note 685117. ME13 shows the correct values because it reads and displays the condition values rather than the EINE values.


If you absolutely must use this field, run RM06INP0 first because it updates EINE-NETPR and EINE-PRDAT out from the conditions.

In principle, the fields are outdated right after the report is run anyway. The report was constructed because some customers want to use the EINE fields rather than reading the conditions based on tables A017, KONP.

About RM06INP0, see also the following information: 'Price Determination w/o PO' indicator when running RM06INP0 causes differences seen. If this field is not checked, then PRDAT= current date Otherwise, it will be updated to 31.12.9999

Note 430543 explains: "This can only be achieved by executing report RM06INP0 without the 'Price determination without purchase order' flag being set. As a consequence, the prices are set as with a price determination for the standard quantity and for the current date. The Valid to-date is set to the current date."


In order to update the Net Price on the info Record, you need to run RM06INP0.


  • Price determination w/o PO
If you do NOT tick "Price determination w/o PO" then the net price from the Last PO is used (In case there is a last PO in EINE-EBELN/EBELP) but ONLY in case no valid condition can be found for the info record.

The point is that in case no valid info record conditions exists, it can take the one from the last PO.

If "Price determination w/o PO" is ticked, then the conditions from Last PO are NEVER used.

  • No Date Check
RM06INP0 compares the valid-to date from the Info Record (EINE-PRDAT) with the date RM06INP0 is run. If todays date is less than EINE-PRDAT, (e.g. EINE-PRDAT = 99991231) then the Info Record is NOT processed!

You may suppress this check by checking "No Date Check", meaning that the check for conditions is then carried out no matter the value in EINE-PRDAT.

RM06INP0 may return "No selection possible" in certain situations.

  • always, if "No Date Check" is blank, and EINE-PRDAT is in the future.
  • if "No Date Check" is X, and EINE-NETPR is equal to the conditions found.
Related Programs:
  • RM06ENP0 - Net prices for contracts
  • RM06ENP1 - Net prices for Scheduling Agreements
These programs have the same "no date check" check box. It works in exact way for EKPO-NETPR / EKPO-PRDAT.


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