Maintain the user default settings when creating Material Master

Default values while creating Material Master. 
Is it possible to define default values for certain fields, while creating the material master?
I know about the MRP profile and the forecast profile. I am looking for something similar for defaulting values for certain fields in the basic view. 

You can define the following defaults for each user with transaction code OMT3U in 4.6c :

Default Industry sector (Industry only)

Where in the config can you default the Industry sector in MM01? 

You can define that a particular industry sector is proposed whenever the user creates a material master record.  However, this setting cannot be made for the material master for retail since retail is itself the industry sector.

You can hide the industry sector if you do not want the user to change it.  SAP will take the default Industry sector you specify in the IMG.

Goto your user profile, own data (tranx SU3), click on [Parameters] tab, place MTP under parameter and your desired
industry code, say M (for Mech/engr) in values and save.  You should see your default in mm01

A second possibility is in MM01 directly. In the menu Settings -> Industry (Default -> Industry Sector 4.6c) you can enter your default and can even flag a box that it should not be shown anymore. 

In 4.6c, you have another choice, that is tcode OMT3U where you can Maintain the user settings for the default Industry

So what you do depends on your preference and project cycle. If you have not yet gone live, and all of most of the materials is of a certain industry, then use the parameter option during user maintenance. If you have gone live, and then maintain in MM01 for a default. 

Organizational levels (Industry and Retail)

You can define for a combination of user and screen sequence the organizational levels that are proposed whenever the user creates, changes, or displays a material master record, and the organizational levels and profiles that are proposed whenever the user creates a material master record.

Views that are preselected in the Select View(s) dialog box (Industry and Retail)

You can define for a combination of user and screen sequence that certain views appear as preselected in the Select View(s) dialog box.

Finally, if you create your material master record by referencing to the other material number, then several fields will be defaulted. 


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