Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Self-Test Questions

1. Which of the following are organizational units associated with enterprise asset management?
a. Maintenance plant
b. Storage location
c. Plant d. Maintenance planning plant
e. Client
f. Maintenance work centers
g. Material planning group
h. Company code
2. Maintenance planning plants can plan maintenance for more than one plant (True/False).
3. Maintenance work centers can be used for the following:
a. Main work center in the master record for equipment or functional location
b. Production operation
c. Main work center in a maintenance item
d. Main work center in a task list header
e. Main work center in an activity header
f. Performing work center in the operations for an order
4. Work centers contain which of the following:
a. Object catalog tasks
b. Default values for task lists and orders
c. Costing data
d. Scheduling data
e. Available capacity
f. Time elements
5. Which of the following are technical objects?
a. Equipment
b. Functional location
c. Materials with serial numbers
d. Serial numbers
e. Structure objects
f. BOMs
6. Functional locations are network ordered structures that represent a technical system, building, or part thereof (True/False).
7. Which of the following are differences between equipment and functional locations?
a. Functional locations use a construction type field and equipment does not
b. Equipment can be managed with inventory functions while functional locations cannot
c. Equipment can be assigned a BOM while functional locations cannot
d. Functional locations are arranged hierarchically while equipment is not
8. Equipment and functional locations master data contains which of the following views:
a. General
b. Location
c. Organization
d. Default values
e. Structure
f. Capacities
g. Serial numbers
9. The structure indicator includes:
a. Coding mask
b. Construction type
c. Hierarchy levels
d. Coding template
e. System
10. Which of the following are true of material with serial numbers?
a. The combination of material number and serial number is always unique
b. Serial numbers can only be used once
c. Serial numbers allow you to perform inventory management on individual pieces of material
1) a, c d, e, f, h
2) true
3) a, c, d, f
4) b, c, d, e
5) b, a, d, f
6) false (it is hierarchy)
7) b, d
8) a, b, c, e
9) c, d
10) a, c

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