Serial Number History Error

When user try to display the serial number history, system will prompt the following error:
No conversion currency from AUS to EUR exists on 08.05.2012
Message no. IK013
No conversion rate has yet been defined to convert from the order currency to the controlling area currency.
System Response
The system cannot convert the amounts.
Make sure that the conversion rate of exchange is entered.
Solution 1:
Maintain Exchange rate type in tcode OB08 for Exchange Rate type "M" for the Currency Conversion.
In this case its: Exch. Rate Type "M" Currency From AUS to EUR
Solution 2:

No Past Exchange Rate Maintenance Required.  This assume that the user does not need to see any of the Cost fields.
The problem can be solved by calling the equipment history from IE02 / IE03 when you call another equipment (Not the equipment with the error) and when you reached the screen "Serial Number History".
Then you have to go to Settings --> PM Order and then check if there are any of the following fields on the left:
- Total actual costs
- Total sum (actual)
- Total planned costs
- Total revenues act.
- Tot. planned revenue
- Total settlement costs
- Estimated Costs
If yes, move them to the right and the history display will work for all equipment.

Serial Number List Remove Currency Relevant Field

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