Turn Off Automatic Purchase Requisition Creation

Problem Reported:

There was a request coming from Our users that they would like to start putting non-stock materials on task lists for preventive maintenance. One example of why they'd want to do this is when they need to change batteries once a year in certain things. They'd like the PM02 to be generated with the batteries on the components tab so the worker knows to order them.

We've found that you cannot directly add a non-stock to a task list because itís looking for item category L. But you can put the non-stocks on an equipment BOM and create your task list using that BOM. If you do it that way, you can get your non-stocks onto the task list. 

However, whenever the PM02 order is generated, its expecting purchase requisition information. Within the task list, you can specify defaults for all but two fields of the requisition. You cannot specify defaults for requisitioner or tracking number and I guess this makes sense since they'd probably change each time. However, this causes deadline monitoring to fail because the required fields are not being filled for the requisition before the system is trying to save the order.
Is there a way to specify in the system NOT TO AUTOMATICALLY CREATE A REQUISTION for a PM02 work order? I've looked thru configuration and cannot find a place to specify this. It would be great if we could just get the PM02 created and saved and then they can go back in later and generate the requisition. 


You can do this in the configuration of the SAP PM order type.

The IMG path: 

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service 

-> Maintenance and Service Processing 

--> Maintenance and Service Orders 

---> Functions and Settings for Order Types 

----> Define Change Docs, Collective Purc. Req. Indicator, Operation No. Interval
Under the Res/PurRq -> Specify Never

Turning Off Auto PR Creation in SAP PM


Reservation/purchase requisition indicator

If this field is flagged, reservations/purchase requisitions for external operations which are relevant to materials planning are generated when the order is created, and not when the order is released.

This setting is copied to the order header as a default value and can be changed by the order processor in the order.

You should always deactivate this indicator if you create orders with a long lead time and rescheduling is expected within this time.

You can thereby avoid unwanted and frequent changes to materials planning before the order is released.

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