Basic Process of how Packing Works

Let's say you want to pack a material shirt_jai in test_pack.

Using MM01, create material type=packaging  test_pack

IMG-Logistics Execution-Shipping-Packing-
Define Packaging Material Types
Let's say JPAC. The settings that I chose:
Plant determ. - Plant is entered manually in handling unit
Pack. matl. cat. - Packaging materials
Generate Dlv. Items - blank
Number assignment - Number range interval 'HU_VEKP'

IMG-Logistics Execution-Shipping-Packing-
Define material group for packaging material
Let's say JGRP

IMG-Logistics Execution-Shipping-Packing-
Define allowed packaging materials

MM02: Check settings for the materials
First, test_pack

Sales:General/Plant -> Matl. Grp. Pack. Matls: JGRP (Note)
Sales:General/Plant -> Packaging Mat. Type:  JPAC (Note)
Basic Data 1 -> Material: JMAT 

Then, shirt_jai

Sales:General/Plant -> Matl. Grp. Pack. Matls: JGRP
Sales:General/Plant -> Packaging Mat. Type: -
Basic Data 1 -> Material: JMAT

VL01N Outbound Delivery -> Packing 
Enter the materials at top and at bottom 
(Select shirt_jai and
Edit - Pack)

This is how the basic process of packing works.

Content Author : Jairam 

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