Training SAP SD To Start Teaching Career

Thought of starting a career teaching SAP SD. 

Class-room teaching. 

Please provide your advised - 

1. How, what training should I do to be a teacher / instructor? 
2. How much time should I prepare before starting to teach? 
3. KEY / IMPORTANT skills needed to be successful as an SAP SD teacher? 


By Jenny

In order to become a teacher/instructor in SAP SD module. You should know in and out of SAP SD module. If you have some domain experience in SD field, you will be in a better position to make people understand the concepts and its application in real time scenario. You can go for certification in SD module. It will help.
You are already on your way to become a good instructor as you are asking questions to avoid any future mistakes.
I have attended three Train the Trainer courses (TTT) and one of them was for almost a year course. It can be a good start if you have the opportunity to attend one of these courses, as you have the knowledge and right attitude.

It is recommended that you are a proficient educator with considerable experience in planning and implementing lessons. This will help you to make the most of the educational materials that will be made available to you as an Instructor.
The planning is the most important in developing and delivering a successful training. If you are going to deliver a 5 hours training, you need 10 hours for the preparation.

I am sure you are quite competent however some of the traits to become a successful and effective trainer:
** Good Communications Skills 

- Use clear and concise language to instruct, direct and coach.

- Use your active listening skills to draw them out and fully understand them. 

- Maintain eye contact. 

* * Solid understanding of the subject

- Comprehensive understanding of the subject or skills.

- Willingness to draw from your background as a bridge or foundation to teach.

- Willingness to grow and update your professional development.

* * Experience

- It helps if you have done the job personally (and well would be good too).

- Previous experience in training.

** Patience

- New people can make mistakes while they learn.

- It often takes a few tries to get it right (keep up encouragement).

- Remember how it was for you when you started out?

* * Interest in being a trainer

- You need to 'truly' enjoy helping people.

- Seeing people grow and learn makes you feel good.

- Seeing others' success gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction.

* * Genuine respect for other people

- People view you as being knowledgeable (you model it).

- People view you as being trustful and trustworthy (you've earned it).

* * Well developed sense of humor

- You see the humor in the situation (you express it).

- You don't take yourself or life too seriously (you lighten it).

Having these traits and skills won't guarantee your success as a trainer or coach; but they will give you a better chance to do the job effectively.

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