SAP WM Table Process Flow

Warehouse Management Table Process flow in SAP (WM) :

Transfer requirement
LTBK Transfer requirement - header
LTBP Transfer requirement - item

Transfer order
LTAK Transfer order - header
LTAP Transfer order - item
Master data - stock positions
LQUA Quants

Inventory documents in WM
LINK Inventory document header
LINP Inventory document item
LINV Inventory data per quant

The easiest way to determine all WM tables is via the data dictionary. 
Transaction SE11 
Press F4 in field tables. 
On the popup for the table search, enter LVS in field development class and execute

Some of the mostly used tables for WM:

Inventory document
IKPF Header: Physical Inventory Document 
ISEG Physical Inventory Document Items 
LINK Inventory document header in WM 
LINP Inventory document item in WM 
LINV Inventory data per quant 

Storage locations and stocks
LAGP Storage bins 
LEIN Storage unit header records 
LQUA Quants 
LQUAB Total quant counts for certain strategies 
MEIK Make-to-Order Stock for Customer Order 
MSCA Sales Orders on Hand with Vendor 
MSKA Sales Order Stock 
MBPR Stock at Production Storage Bin 
MLGN Material Data per Warehouse Number 
MLGT Material Data per Storage Type

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