Important Tables in SAP CO

Table Name           Description                       Important Fields
AUSP                 Characteristic Values             MANDT / OBJEK / ATINN / ATZHL
CO-KBAS              Overhead Cost Controlling
A132                 Price per Cost Center             MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
A136                 Price per Controlling Area        MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
A137                 Price per Country / Region        MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
COSC                 CO Objects: Assignment of Origina MANDT / OBJNR / SCTYP / VERSN
CSSK                 Cost Center / Cost Element        MANDT / VERSN / KOKRS / GJAHR
CSSL                 Cost Center / Activity Type       MANDT / KOKRS / KOSTL / LSTAR
KAPS                 CO Period Locks                   MANDT / KOKRS / GJAHR / VERSN

CO-KBASCORE          Overhead Cost Controlling: General Services
CSKA                 Cost Elements (Data Dependent on  MANDT / KTOPL / KSTAR
CSKB                 Cost Elements (Data Dependent on  MANDT / KOKRS / KSTAR / DATBI
CSKS                 Cost Center Master Data           MANDT / KOKRS / KOSTL / DATBI
CSLA                 Activity Master                   MANDT / KOKRS / LSTAR / DATBI
CO-OM (KACC)         Overhead Cost Controlling
COBK                 CO Object: Document Header        MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR
COEJ                 CO Object: Line Items (by Fiscal  MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEJL                CO Object: Line Items for Activit MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEJR                CO Object: Line Items for SKF (by MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEJT                CO Object: Line Items for Prices  MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEP                 CO Object: Line Items (by Period) MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEPL                CO Object: Line Items for Activit MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEPR                CO Object: Line Items for SKF (by MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COEPT                CO Object: Line Items for Prices  MANDT / KOKRS / BELNR / BUZEI
COKA                 CO Object: Control Data for Cost  MANDT / OBJNR / GJAHR / KSTAR
COKL                 CO Object: Control Data for Activ MANDT / LEDNR / OBJNR / GJAHR
COKP                 CO Object: Control Data for Prima MANDT / LEDNR / OBJNR / GJAHR
COKR                 CO Object: Control Data for Stati MANDT / LEDNR / OBJNR / GJAHR
COKS                 CO Object: Control Data for Secon MANDT / LEDNR / OBJNR / GJAHR
CO-OM-CEL (KKAL)     Cost Element Accounting (Reconciliation Ledger)
COFI01               Object Table for Reconciliation L MANDT / OBJNR
COFI02               Transaction Dependent Fields for  MANDT / OBJNR
COFIP                Single Plan Items for Reconciliat RCLNT / GL_SIRID
COFIS                Actual Line Items for Reconciliat RCLNT / GL_SIRID

CO-OM-CCA            Cost Center Accounting (Cost Accounting Planning RK-S)  What is RK-S
A138                 Price per Company Code            MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
A139                 Price per Profit Center           MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
CO-OM-OPA (KABR)     Overhead Orders: Application Development R/3 Cost Accounting Settlement
AUAA                 Settlement Document: Receiver Seg MANDT / BELNR / LFDNR
AUAB                 Settlement Document: Distribution MANDT / BELNR / BUREG / LFDNR
AUAI                 Settlement Rules per Depreciation MANDT / BELNR / LFDNR / AFABE
AUAK                 Document Header for Settlement    MANDT / BELNR
AUAO                 Document Segment: CO Objects to b MANDT / BELNR / LFDNR
AUAV                 Document Segment: Transactions    MANDT / BELNR / LFDNR
COBRA                Settlement Rule for Order Settlem MANDT / OBJNR
COBRB                Distribution Rules Settlement Rul MANDT / OBJNR / BUREG / LFDNR
CO-OM-OPA (KAUF)     Overhead Orders: Cost Accounting Orders
AUFK                 Order Master Data                 MANDT / AUFNR
AUFLAY0              Enttity Table: Order Layouts      MANDT / LAYOUT
EC-PCA (KE1)         Profit Center Accounting
CEPC                 Profit Center Master Data Table   MANDT / PRCTR / DATBI / KOKRS
CEPCT                Texts for Profit Center Master Da MANDT / SPRAS / PRCTR / DATBI
CEPC_BUKRS           Assignment of Profit Center to a  MANDT / KOKRS / PRCTR / BUKRS
GLPCA                EC-PCA: Actual Line Items         RCLNT / GL_SIRID
GLPCC                EC-PCA: Transaction Attributes    MANDT / OBJNR
GLPCO                EC-PCA: Object Table for Account  MANDT / OBJNR
GLPCP                EC-PCA: Plan Line Items           RCLNT / GL_SIRID

EC-PCA BS (KE1C)     PCA Basic Settings: Customizing for Profit Center Accounting
A141                 Dependent on Material and Receive MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / KOKRS
A142                 Dependent on Material             MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / WERKS
A143                 Dependent on Material Group       MANDT / KAPPL / KSCHL / WERKS

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