SAP FI Functional Consultant Responsibilities

What is the meaning of SAP FICO Functional and SAP FICO Technical?

SAP FICO Functional means functional knowledge, by which one can proceed in terms of functional process with FICO area as well as FICO configuration knowledge.

Whereas SAP FICO Technical consultant may be an ABAPER, who have short of knowledge of FICO configuration and functional knowledge as well and can proceed for technical jobs e.g. reports development, client requirement, system modification etc.

To become a Pure Hard Core FI functional consultant - Tips by : Murali

Q: Can via T.Code FBL1N by selecting vendor with plant reference in selection using search help field group.

Plant is not a field for finance or in sap it is FI module - this is for PP and SAP MM module (Procedures for copying One Plant to Another), In case required, please define that as FI object for FI reports - like BA and so on.  Configure the plant as a BA and in all FI places you can capture BA in line items of vendors. 

New Plant Roll Out Details for FICO

1) You have to check whether plant is assigned to Company code.

2) If using Business Areas, you should assign BA to Plant in OMJ7

3) Extend Accounting views to the new plant

4) Any validation rules specific to plants to derive BA's should be configured for this plant also.

5) Created Cash Journal for the Plant as we maintain Cash Journal per Plant.

6) As Business Place is derived from plant automatically, assign the Business Place to the Plant.

7) Include the plants in all the Z reports which are run based on plant.

8) Check for the authorizations for the New Plant to the existing users

Standard FI Reports

Spent little time on going through various standard reports of SAP which are very rich in itself - for each report it has options of all fields of master data , all fields of FI document means around in my opinion around 400+ options to select.  Hence we should first get an idea of fields in masters and documents and how they are updated. 

To become a good consultant.... Every report of SAP standard is a gem - but we always look for FAST FOOD without understanding the quality of how standard is the solutions..

Spent time in understanding - there are lot of chapters available for reading . Suggestions ... Understand the Finance function first upto closing of books and management reporting done in a practical way. Go to sap img screen - you will find all options are there... If you go reverse way, sitting inside the car and asking - anyone can help me in understanding what is the wheel in front of driver used and how to use it?

All the best - take it in the right spirit for a successful future in SAP Financial Accounting.

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