Benefits Of Oracle Certification


One of the important certification that is given by Oracle to the information technology candidates is the Oracle certification.  These certifications are like a ladder for going up to the higher posts in the market of the industry. One way through which you can pass these tests is to go for the best training center so that you can have maximum level of training and knowledge regarding the IT networking. 

Job Advantage

By demonstrating your complete range of skills one can easily secure a decent job in the industry. However, it is extremely important for you to know more about the oracle certification which could benefit you a great deal. By opting for a suitable oracle certification you'll be able to get a great job that offers you plenty of options to grow in the industry. You will also be able to get ahead of all your competition right away.


Even though taking up the Oracle certification program is a bit tough, you will be able to generate some amazing results by working hard here. The first major benefit is that you are able to get a good job in the industry even if the competition is too strong. You don't need to worry about the different candidates that are up for a particular job if you do have a sound degree or certification in the name of Oracle. This is a professional course which is recognized around the world and so you don't need anybody's recognition here.


You can easily get added credibility and even put forward your best step as far as growing in the industry is concerned. By preparing well for the test you will definitely be able to pass it with flying colors.

Studying Oracle Certification

When studying for an Oracle certification, the Oracle Education course materials are just about impossible to beat in terms of their relevance to the certification topics. The course materials and tested topics match right down the line. That said, it is also just about impossible to find a more expensive method to prepare for Oracle certification tests than Oracle Education courses. If you can afford it or if your employer will pay for it, the material is excellent.

Types of Oracle Training

Oracle Education offers four distinct types of training: classroom, live virtual class, training on demand, and self-study courses. Only courses on the approved list from the first three types count toward the training requirement. The self-study CD-ROM courses do not meet the hands-on requirement for certification. That aside, the four training types and their pluses and minuses are:

Classroom Training

The classroom training requires you to travel to an Oracle Education center, so you will likely incur travel and hotel expenses unless you are fortunate enough to live within commuting distance of a training center. In the classroom environment, you will have the greatest interaction with the instructor and with other classmates. You should not underestimate the value of being able to network with other people in the class. The classroom training offers the greatest potential for learning of all four methods. It is also the option that requires the greatest expense and effort.

Live Virtual Class

Live Virtual Classes are one step removed from classroom training. The class is given live, but you 'attend' it through a streaming video feed over the internet. You can therefore access the class from your workplace or home. It offers almost all of the options of the classroom, including labs, interaction with the teacher and so forth. However, you do not really interact with the other students to the same degree as in the classroom. The course fee is the same as that of the classroom training, but the elimination of travel and hotel requirements can make the total cost considerably lower than for classroom training.

Training on Demand

Training on Demand is similar to the LVC classes, except they are recorded rather than being streamed live. The recording contains video from actual classes, a hands-on practice environment, and the ability to ask questions of the instructor (albeit not in the same interactive fashion as LVC). The material is comparable to the live classes, but the fact that is it recorded means you can access it at any time, watch the videos at a faster or slower pace than they were given, and re-watch sections if you want. The cost of the class matches that of classroom training and LVC. The lack of travel and hotel costs put the total expense on par with that of the LVC option.

Self-Study Courses

Oracle's self study courses are either downloadable or available on CD-ROM. As mentioned earlier, these do not fulfill the hands-on requirement for certification. However, they are approximately half the cost of the other three options, and can be reused by multiple employees if you company has several Oracle professionals that require training.


So what are you waiting for, go ahead and opt for Oracle certification if you truly want to gain a good job in the industry. Have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself!

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